Little Portion Retreat & Training Center

Little Portion Retreat and Training Center
171 Hummingbird Lane, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

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For our complete Retreat Brochure and more information see our Documents to the left.

Our Little Portion Retreat and Training Center is located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. We are OPEN ALL YEAR LONG and offer several life-changing retreats which combine lectures with times of solitude, reflection and prayer all leading you to a deep and sustained spiritual life.  We also are available for private and group retreats and traveling rest on your journeys.

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Read what visitors are saying about their experience here on the mountain!

“I have never felt such a powerful outpouring of the Spirit of God.”
“For the first time, I was able to stop the constant streaming of thoughts and shut out the external demands of the world for a few days.”
“I was deeply touched…was in tears with happiness and surrending to God.”
“Perfect. I came looking for ways to maintain my relationship with God. A balance in life that is full but often distracts me from what really matters.”
“During my silent retreat I experienced the closeness with God I’ve been longing for, and a peace and joy I would not have thought possible.”
“We all feel we have found our spiritual home.”
“Facilities are great and accommodating. Location on a mountaintop is wonderful.”
“The staff preached powerfully to me without words.”


We also offer Private Retreats and have Gift Certificates available. Please CLICK HERE for our complete store.

For our complete Retreat Brochure and more information please see the Documents section on the left. 




All Retreats: $225 donation per person. Includes 3 days of sessions,

2 nights of lodging, and 5 meals.  

A $100 deposit is required to reserve your place.


Questions?  Email to or call 479-253-7379


A $100 deposit is required with your registration. This deposit is refundable if it is necessary for Little Portion to cancel the retreat. The balance must be paid on the first day of the retreat.


Special Mini-Sabbatical Option -  Consider arriving on Thursday before your retreat and staying over on Sunday for a mini-Sabbatical Package during the scheduled retreats: 
Cost is $300 per person, and includes the scheduled speaker retreat.


Maxi-Sabbatical Option - Secure one of our prayer cottages on More Mountain for your one month to many months sabbatical. Large rooms, fully equipped kitchen, living room, and dining area are available for your comfort and peace. WIFI. Join our community in prayers.
For more information please contact our Retreat Center at  479-253-7379 or email our Retreat Center Manager, Kevin, at for details.
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